2014 – project Giraffe – emergency team service – Volkswagen T5


Execution: work in progress   –   Work: project   –   Type: mobile office   –   Name: LineaO8M   –   Base: Pemberton   –   Customer: swissvan   –   Design and planning: © Stefano Fabbian, Elisa Magagnotti   –   Execution: © swissvan

An old Pemberton to bring back to life!

Beautiful and impressive, all made in aluminium and ready for any project, it was a real challenge for Stefano, who started to gather as many information as possible on this 1969 caravan: imported from England, it was too particular to be left to someone else.

Stefano decided then to organize the moving and, thanks to the help of a friend and of a TCS truck, he took that rarity home.

Used until then as dorm for the men working in the owner’s greenhouse, it is now ready to have a new life thanks to Swissvan.


Initial project

Work in progress. This project will be updated soon.


Vehicle data

Total length: 9500 mm, caravan: 8700 mm, internal: 8600 mm
Width: 2550 mm, internal: 2450 mm
Height: 2270 mm, internal: 1900 mm
Front bumper: 4000 mm
Rear bumper: 4500 mm
Internal surface: 21mq